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3 Kinds Of Stair Lifts

There is a large cross-section of people who have difficulty navigating stairs. It could be that they are a wheelchair user or that stairs are just too difficult for them to manage. Whatever the reason, stairs can leave parts of their house unusable for those people. They need to have a way to make those steps less of an obstacle by adding in some accommodations. The best accommodation for steps is a stair lift. There are different styles of stair lifts a user can choose from. 

Straight Stair Lift

These stair lifts are designed to go on straight runs of stairs. These stair lifts are easy to install because there aren't any curves or turns in the stairway. That tends to make straight stair lifts the least expensive option, especially since there isn't any customization needed except to make sure that the lift's tracks match the length of the stairs. The seats on these lifts often have a power swivel so that the chair will face the front to allow the person to get on or off, and then swivel to the side for the ride up the stairs. That feature can make it a lot easier for people in a wheelchair to transfer from the wheelchair to the stair lift. 

Curved Stair Lift

Not all stairs have a nice, straight run. Some stairs have landings halfway through their run, or they have to curve for some reason. That can make it impossible for a straight stair lift to be installed. That's where a curved stair lift shines. These lifts are almost completely customized because they need to be able to fit the curve or landing. That customization makes it possible for a curved stair lift to be installed in spiral staircases, which most people would think couldn't happen. If you have to have a curved stair lift installed at your house, you can expect to pay a little more because of all the customized work. 

Platform Stair Lift

These lifts can be used with straight or curved lifts. Instead of having a seat, they have a platform. This lift will help people in wheelchairs who can't transfer out of their chairs and onto a lift chair. For example, a person who is quadriplegic and oxygen-dependent may need to have a platform stair lift because they can't easily transfer out of their chair for a myriad of reasons. 

Stair lifts are an easy way to make sure that people have access to their houses. There are different kinds of stair lifts to choose from. Contact a supplier to learn more about stair lifts

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