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Concerned About Your Parents? How To Tell When It's Time For Personal Care Services

If your parents don't have any serious medical conditions and they're not suffering from dementia, you may not think they need in-home assistance. But that's not necessarily the case. In-home assistance isn't only to provide help with medical conditions. There are other reasons why your parents may benefit from in-home assistance. This is especially true where personal care is concerned. As your parents age, they may encounter problems involving their own personal care. That's where in-home assistance comes into the picture. In-home personal care assistance can actually help your parents maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible. Here are three signs that it's time for you to arrange in-home personal care assistance for your parents. 

They've Fallen More Than Once

If one of your parents has suffered a fall, mobility problems may not be the issue. They may have tripped over something that was in the way. But if your parents have fallen more than once and the falls are coming more frequently, it's time to bring in outside help. Mobility issues can become a serious concern during the advanced stages of aging. In-home personal care assistants can help to ensure that your parents are able to get the care they need, without the risk of falling. 

They've Been in Several Fender-Benders

If your parents are still driving themselves around town, pay attention to their driving habits. Visual acuity and changes in response time can increase your parents' risk for driving accidents and mishaps. If your parents have been involved in numerous fender-benders, or if they've racked up a few traffic tickets, it's time to consider an in-home personal care assistant. Their personal care assistant will do the driving for them. That way, they can get where they need to go, without the risk to themselves or others. 

They've Had Problems With Their Medication

If you've noticed that your parents have had problems with their medication, it may be time to bring in a personal care assistant. Some problems to watch out for include prescriptions that don't last as long as they should and prescriptions that last longer than they should. Both of those problems are signs that your parents are unable to monitor their own prescription schedules. An in-home personal care assistant will help to keep your parents on the proper prescription medication schedules. 

If your parents are experiencing any of the problems listed above, hire an in-home personal care assistant for them. You'll protect your aging parents, without taking away their independence.

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