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3 Things You Should Check On Household Appliances To Keep Them Safe For Seniors

If you've recently found yourself in the position of having to help a senior loved one with household tasks, you understandably want to do whatever you can to make their life as comfortable and safe as possible. Although it can feel overwhelming to be in your position, taking things one step at a time helps break the big picture down into manageable pieces. One of the major ways you can help keep your senior loved one safe is to check on certain appliances on a regular basis. Fortunately, this takes very little time or effort. The following are just three of the many easy ways you can help promote a safe home environment for your senior loved one. 

Check the Dryer Lint Trap on Each Visit

Lint buildup in the lint trap of the dryer raises the risk of household fires because it traps heat in the appliance's ventilation system. This can create a situation where the lint becomes so hot that it ignites, which could result in a household fire that rages out of control before it's even noticed. 

Check the Settings on the Refrigerator and Freezer Often 

This is important because refrigerator and freezer thermostats sometimes get accidentally changed as the result of being bumped, and it's also possible for the thermostats to simply stop working if the fan that provides the cold air somehow becomes blocked. Seniors sometimes lose sensitivity to temperature changes as a part of aging and may not notice if their refrigerator or freezer is no longer keeping items as cold as it should. Quickly checking these on a regular basis helps keep your senior from eating foods that have reached unsafe temperatures. 

Check the Temperature on the Hot Water Heater

As mentioned above, many seniors lose their ability to accurately gauge temperatures, and this can lead to situations in which they become burned by water that is too hot. Always make certain that the water heater thermostat is set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also a good idea to double-check it often just in case it has inadvertently been put on a higher setting.  

Another way to ensure the optimal safety and comfort of your senior loved one is to enlist the services of a company that provides in-home care. Professional caregivers are trained in the various strategies for keeping the home environment as safe as possible for the seniors in their care. Contact a company like Cool Waters Home Care to learn more.

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