Exploring Home Health Care Benefits

4 Different Types Of Long Term Care For Your Elderly Loved One

It's hard watching those that took care of you growing up start to get old and lose their ability to take care of themselves properly. As your elderly loved one gets older, you might notice that they start to lose their ability to take their medication properly, bathe, keep organized, or simply feed themselves. When you notice their facilities declining, it is time to start thinking about different types of long-term care that are available. Read More 

Home Health Tips For Proper Waste Disposal

If you live with a parent, spouse, or sibling who is ill, then you have likely hired a home health aide to come into your home while you work or take care of other responsibilities.  This aide can administer medications with syringes, and they can clean wounds and change bandages.  Also, soiled items can be taken care of by the professional.  Your aide knows how to deal with sharp and soiled objects properly, but you probably do not. Read More 

Home Health Aide Tips: Reducing Stress And Agitation In Alzheimer’s Patients

If you are a home health care aide, then you may take care of patients who have Alzheimer's disease.  Older individuals with Alzheimer's can be quite challenging, and you may find that you have to deal with agitation and general behavioral issues.  These problems often occur due to stress, and the patient also may be trying to cope with confusion and the loss of independence.  You can help to reduce issues with behavior by creating a supportive and calm environment in the home. Read More 

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Exploring Home Health Care Benefits

Hey there, I'm Jesse Sutherland. When I learned that my child would be born with severe disabilities, I worried about how I would perform all of the healthcare procedures on my own. My child needed mucus sucked out of both lungs around the clock at first. Furthermore, bathing and feeding often required two people to complete without messing up all of the tubes and monitors. Luckily, I was able to receive help from a home healthcare professional, which took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. I want to share all of the assistance I received from these professionals. I will also discuss the benefits of having help with difficult procedures. Thank you for visiting.